New To Crossfit


Getting started on your fitness journey is easy with CrossFit Maplewood. Experience a kind of fitness you've never experienced before. Our classes are unbelievably fun and totally newbie-friendly. We understand trying something new can be intimidating, but we guarantee all of your fears will be put to rest as soon as you walk into your first session. Our community is warm, and the coaches are friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and consummate leaders. Your first few weeks are guaranteed to be filled with physical and mental accomplishments you never imagined possible. Come see us for your FREE Intro Session and find out how truly rewarding it is to work hard and accomplish old and new goals.

FREE Intro Session

Anyone who is new to CrossFit Maplewood will get the opportunity to start with a FREE Intro Session. The purpose of this session is for you to experience real fitness as it’s designed to be, to determine the best path to your personal success, and to show you what the CrossFit Maplewood community is all about.

During your session you will receive:

  • A basic movement assessment
  • A dynamic warm-up to get your body primed to work out
  • Detailed introduction to the movements in the workout
  • An awesome workout with the most experienced coaches
  • An overview of our unique training methodology
  • Specific information on how we transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle in record time
  • And so much more!

Simply fill out the form and someone from our team will be calling you shortly to discuss the best time for you to come in. We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at CrossFit Maplewood. We look forward to meeting you.

- Team Maplewood