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Scaling Workouts

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12669680_1760119970876760_4084455710397103751_nOne of the great things about CrossFit is the program’s universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

Though for many WOD’s you may hear us telling you guys to scale down a bit, AMRAP’s are a perfect time to scale up, especially if we’d like to eventually work up to RX weights and movements.

Maybe you’ve been swinging the 12kg (blue) KB for a while now, and have had your eye on the 16kg (yellow), there may also have been times where you’ve finished a workout with the 12kg, and thought to yourself “man, I could’ve used the yellow”.

The usual fear in scaling up is the feeling of biting off more than you can chew, ending up with a slower time for the WOD (or finishing last- gasp!!) , and/or not beating your rival at the box. But remember, in AMRAP’s, the time component is fixed. If it’s a five minute AMRAP, that’s all you’ll be working for, five minutes and not a second more. Whereas if you choose to scale up during a WOD that’s say “4 rounds for time”, where we’re all gonna log in a different time/ score, then you may instead want to scale down or stick to the weight you currently use.