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Happy birthday to the love of my life, MC!!

Hard to see past MC’s cheesy grin, but on her hip is the normatec recovery system.

What does it do?? In short, it helps you recover faster between your workouts by reducing muscles soreness, and improving circulation.

It’s the same inflatable looking windbreaker pant thing that you’ll see many pro athletes using in between workouts or after games, where they just kind of lay there and take it all in.

You can think of it as an electronic, personal, on call massage therapist.

On top of being a USAPL Club Coach and IPF North American Champion Power lifter, our good friend Michael Soya PT, DPT, SFMA FDN-1 (these acronyms feel like they’re going to go on forever) recently started his own cash- based PT business (@soyaphysicaltherapy), and he will be coming in to demo and introduce us to the normatec system, and some of the recovery services he offers this Saturday the 14th at 10am, and Monday the 16th at 630pm.

I highly prefer working with and referring people out to PT’s like our own Jen, or Mike, as they actually have training background and some context on some of the things we do, which is very important and sometimes tough when trying to find the right PT. In addition to the Normatec, Mike also offers instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, (which is great for soreness, anyone with mobility restrictions, etc).

Hope to see some of you this Saturday the 14th at 10am OR Monday the 16th at 630pm, this will be great for those who have been thinking about utilizing the normatec to help with recovery, anyone just interested or curious about how it works and feels, OR if you’re sore as hell from a workout this week, come in and try this thing out.

WARM UP: 800m run
MOBILITY: athlete’s choice- 5 mins

52 Pick Up
SPADES: goblet squats 24/ 16kg
HEARTS: sit ups
CLUBS: KB push press
ACES: 8 burpees
KINGS: 8 pull ups
QUEENS: 12 KBS (unbroken)
JACKS: 12 wall balls (unbroken)