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Well if the photo above doesn’t give it away, the CrossFit Maplewood Athlete of the Month is… Scott!! The CFM coaches and I couldn’t be any more excited and proud to give this award to Scott, and to recognize him for how far he’s come in his fitness journey. Scott stepped in our doors in December very unsure of himself and his capabilities, and whether or not he’d be able to get through a CrossFit workout. He was rather apprehensive, and like many of us tend to get whenever we try something new, he couldn’t get out of his own head.

Fast forward a few short months later, regardless of how he felt Scott consistently showed up, day in and day out. Next thing you know, Scott gets his first strict pull up, then his second, and he’s gotten noticeably leaner while putting on a couple pounds of muscle. The one thing that hasn’t changed in Scott from his first WOD with us ever to now, is that he gives it his all every single time. He shows up to class with a great attitude ready to put in work.

As great as Scott’s results are, and how far he’s come, I’m even prouder just to know someone as kind hearted and warm as he. He’s a pleasure to have in class, makes sure to introduce himself to anyone new/ unfamiliar, and has such a big heart. How big you ask? So big that with his niece starting college in the fall, he gave her the first new car he’s ever bought out of college (which was in pristine condition might I add) so that she might have a reliable car to use for the semester. Give this guy a round of applause and a high five when you see him. Congrats Scott, you’re the man.

21 – 15 – 9
goblet squats
sit ups

hip distraction- 2 mins
banded adductor stretch- 2 mins

STRENGTH: Back squat
12 mins to find 3rm, then 3×1 @ 3rm weight.

Tabata: Strict push ups

RECOVERY/ MOBILITY: lizard- 2 mins per side