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As per Ben Bergeron of, on the Bergeron Beep Test:

“This is my test for pure conditioning (not skill, not strength). This test makes it easy to compare athletes across a spectrum of sizes, locations, and irregardless of skill or equipment.

In other words, size, strength, or skill don’t play a huge role (muscle ups and oly lifting would favor the skilled, heavier weights the strong, and rowing and airdyne favors those with mass). Nor does the running route, height of the wall ball target, or the model of airdyne matter.

Some might argue that it favors lighter athletes, but the thruster weight equalizes this more than you might think.

Now no test is perfect, and if there is any bias it would be to shorter athletes.

This is also an incredible test of mental toughness, as it is very easy to give up on this workout mentally before your body actually reaches failure.

Basically this is a test of “Whatcha-got?””

WARM UP/ SKILL: Thruster & kipping pull up
shoulder distraction- 2 mins
banded/ weighted squat hold- 2 mins

Bergeron Beep Test
EMOM til failure:
7 Thrusters (35/ 25kg)
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees


A scale: 6 reps of each
B scale: 4 reps of each