Maplewood’s Premier Training Facility

Training for Fitness, for Health, for Life.

CrossFit Maplewood is changing lives. We provide a place where people of all ages and fitness levels gather to forge the fittest community in Maplewood.

Our workouts fun and our methods effective. By following the traditional CrossFit model of constantly varied exercise performed at high intensity, our members’ level of success in achieving their fitness goals is unmatched by any traditional gym or single modality regimen.

CrossFit Maplewood focuses on you, the individual, but our system and our group classes are, by design, community building. We have the best fitness community around, bar none. Together we push each other to be better than we were yesterday, support each other on the tough days, celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and come together in like-mindedness and build friendships that last a lifetime. These are the things that make for a sustainable, enjoyable health and fitness program that works.

Fit is not a destination. It’s a way of life.

Find your community.

Our Facility

Located in a former body shop at 1,000 square feet, CrossFit Maplewood packs a big dose of hardware into our space. Our facility is functional and industrial, and it’s intimate in its size but big on effectiveness. Our gym is perfectly designed for awesome small-group workouts. With pull-up rigs, squat rack, barbells, Concept 2 rowers, kettlebells, medicine balls and more, we’re putting together whole-body workouts that create strong, lean, functional bodies that move well.

  • At Crossfit Maplewood community isn't just a tagline; it’s the real thing. Genuine people, great atmosphere, and great coaches. Perfect box for all levels, but especially for beginners.

    Ben Hall

  • It has been a month at CrossFit Maplewood and I was hoping to get some exercise in a friendly environment. Wow, thank you to the coaches and community! It is fun, friendly, challenging, and in a month, I know I am stronger. Basic everyday movement is easier, picking up my toddlers, groceries, walking up stairs. As a stay at home mom, I was hoping to go once a week to have some personal time, yet I go 3x a week! I have never enjoyed exercise this much. Life changing for me physically and mentally!

    Claudine Stuart Mossberg