TRIPLE EMOM EMOM 5: 12 KBS 24/16kg -Rest 1 min- EMOM 5: 12 DB Hang Power Clean 50/35# -Rest 1 min- EMOM 5: 10 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20” CORE FINISHER 2 sets: 45s hollow 45s Superman 45s pallof L… Read more »


Strength/Skill 5 SETS FOR LOAD 3 Power Clean 3 Front Squat 3 Shoulder to Overhead -Rest as Needed b/t Sets- *Start Moderate and Build to Heavy *If you’re only working with light- moderate weights, perform 6 reps of each movement… Read more »


AMRAP 15 20 Russian swings 24/ 16kg 20 burpees 20 goblet lunges Finisher, 3 sets: 20s hollow body 20s hollow body flutter kicks 20 tuck ups -rest 1 min-


Partner WOD 2RFT: 1 mile run (alt. every 400m) 100 wall balls 100 burpees *split reps on wallballs and burpees however you’d like, one person working at a time.


STRENGTH: 4x: 10-12 DB bench press 8 ring rows (feet elevated) 1 min side plank/ side Rest 1 min 5RFT: 10 left arm hang DB snatch 50/ 35 30 double unders 10 right arm hang DB snatch 30 double unders


Partner recovery WOD (teams of 2) AMRAP 15 Partner A: banded jog @ consistent effort Partner B: 5 strict pull ups, 10 push ups, 14 alt lunges -rest 1 min- AMRAP 15 Partner A: 5 up downs, 100m run Partner… Read more »

Travel WOD generator

Here’s a great resource for all you travelers. The travel WOD generator is a free tool (nothing to install/ download, compatible on any platform) that’s great for when you’re traveling and need to get a workout in with minimal time and/… Read more »

Meet John Doe [Sample]

Sed fringilla tellus purus, a sodales libero tincidunt ut. Cras cursus leo quis nibh lacinia egestas. Mauris suscipit sem non vulputate imperdiet. Fusce in mauris vel nunc pretium eleifend id a turpis. Morbi vehicula metus rutrum diam ornare laoreet. Ut… Read more »