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ANNOUNCEMENTS: This Thursday night’s class (July 13th) will be cancelled, just for this week. Foundations classes will now exclusively take place on Saturdays, no more Tues & Thurs night Foundations. Foundations class 1 will be on the 1st Saturday, Foundations class 2 on the 2nd Saturday, and class 3 on…


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[caption id="attachment_10386" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Saturday's track day.[/caption] WARM UP: 4 rds 5 walk outs 7 broad jumps 9 reps on BW movements of choice (pull up, push ups, air squat, ring row, burpee, sit up, lunges) MOBILITY: banded front rack- 2 mins SOFT TISSUE: lat smash- 2 mins SKILL/ PREP:…


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REMINDERS: Meet at Underhill Sports Complex (58 Burr Rd. Maplewood) this Saturday, 930a, for a track day in lieu of our 9am and 1030am Saturday class. So no other classes than the 930a track day. This is also the Columbia HS track if you're familiar. No Sunday Yoga this weekend. Yoga…